Corse Matin : a fully autonomous bi-media editorial office

Case Study

The digital transformation of the press imposes a change in publishing tools to ensure bimedia. We invite you to discover how Corse-Matin succeeded in its transformation by choosing Melody as its content management solution. An adventure that began in 2019, when the newspaper decided to regain control of its editorial production.

Corse-Matin in search of a simple solution

In early 2018, Corse-Matin wrote a new chapter in its history. At the time, Bernard Tapie, sole owner, negotiated the transfer of its shares to a holding company of Corsican entrepreneurs. The consequence? The daily Corse-Matin becomes independent from a technical part and must find a solution that accompanies its autonomy.

The needs of the Corsican daily newspaper are important: to produce 7 days a week the website, the newspaper, without having technical skills and without investing in an expensive infrastructure.

In this context, the agility of Melody seduced Roger Antech, deputy director and chief editor, and his team, in 2019, after three meetings in Bastia and Ajaccio. This was a particularly ambitious project at the time, as it also involved renewing the website.

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The challenge of bimedia at Corse-Matin

The first major difficulty to overcome was industrial. Corse-Matin must renew all of its tools and networks at the same time. The editorial CMS, of course, but also the commercial management system, the website and the PDF certification tools. All of this while ensuring continuity in the production of content, without forgetting the training of teams at the same time.

The second difficulty is strategic. Corse-Matin's ambition is to produce more content for the website, which must become the first point of entry for content.

A challenge that can be summed up by the following formula: "Do more and better, with the actual forces!"

Solution: Melody, an agile and bimedia content manager

Melody's first response to Corse-Matin is its agility. Indeed, the solution is based on web standards and does not require any heavy infrastructure, either on the side of networks or workstations. In fact, its deployment is simple and requires no dedicated resources.

This agility of use allows a journalist to learn the tool in only half a day. After 3.5 hours of training, the journalist becomes perfectly autonomous to produce and publish content on the website or on the newspaper pages, directly from his reporting location.

In fact, the ability to publish in a mobile situation proved to be a determining factor a few weeks after the successful deployment of Melody, when the editorial staff had to lock-down. Our content manager provided a comfort of use at home that made this episode painless.

The agility of the men and women who design and parameterize Melody remains a determining factor in offer and implementing simple communication with other systems. The website is fed from the same tool that feeds the paper. That's how Melody simplifies multi-channel production.

But that's not all! Melody also has the ability to connect to the commercial management system, to automatically integrate advertising reserves into the newspaper's page imposition and, of course, to dialogue with the printing systems in order to secure production.

Result: an autonomous editorial office to produce the bimedia

The flexibility of handling remains without question the asset that accelerates the deployment of Melody. This also ensures total production continuity thanks to training times reduced to half a day. 

Another important asset is the connectivity of Melody, which allows to integrate in very heterogeneous environments, without making it costly nor disproportionate.

Finally, Melody does not favor one media channel over another. It's a real-time, headless content management system that allows any newspaper office to move easily into the digital world.

  • Corse-Matin is now autonomous in producing all its information, including the national and international news pages.

  • The editorial staff is totally bi-media and this change was made without recruiting technical profiles.

  • Melody has allowed the existing team to enrich its presence on the web, while offering total autonomy in the realization of its paper editions.