Easily integrate your ads.

Melody allows the integration of advertisements and advertising orders, but also of Legal and Statutory Announcements, Classified Ads, death notices, etc. All this thanks to an automatic layout .

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Advertising management

Flexibility and reactivity.

We connect with the major advertising management systems. This way, any advertisement added to your system will instantly appear in the pages of your publication, in the right section and at the right position. Your system is not included? Connect it with our dedicated API.


Rearrangement of content at any time

An ad has moved and is now hiding editorial content? Don't panic, thanks to Melody's flexibility, you can decide to delete or rearrange your content in an alternative layout without even opening InDesign.

Direct integration into Melody

You can create a campaign directly in Melody. Define where and when your ad will appear in a few clicks. Want to move an ad to another page? Melody will tell you immediately if the destination page is compatible or not.


Peaceful budget management

To facilitate your invoicing, Melody allows you to easily extract the information on the ads published in your pages: date of publication, title, folio. It's all there!

An always-on workflow

Reserved / Validated, even the ad's orders have their state in Melody. You can, like any other article, change its status, delete it, see its history, restore an old version.


Management of legal announcements, classified ads and bereavement announcements

From production to automatic layout.

Melody integrates legal announcement type objects from an editor directly adapted from our article editor. All these different formats will be modeled in Melody to allow an automation of their production, until the layout on the concerned pages with an optimized automatic management of the space.