How Melody helped La Manche Libre save time on production and closure

Results and benefits

  • Saves time for the production of the pages only a few months after the launching.
  • Decreasing the closing time related to the manufacturing process.

La Manche Libre, France's leading weekly regional newspaper

La Manche Libre offers 7 weekly editions of local news. They are in Cherbourg, Saint-Lô, Coutances, Granville and Avranches-Saint-Hilaire, but also in Vire (Le Bocage Libre), Bayeux (Le Bessin Libre), Caen and Rouen (Tendance Ouest).

With nearly 70,000 copies sold each week, La Manche Libre, the leading weekly regional newspaper in France, is also (uniquely in France) the leading newspaper in the Manche department, far ahead of the daily newspapers.

In 2014, La Manche Libre wanted to find a new unique editorial system for print and web.

a courrier français

The productivity challenge

When La Manche Libre set out to find a new editorial system, the objective was to find a system that would produce all of its editions quickly. There were three goals to achieve.

→ Ensure the continuity of print publications
→ Gaining productivity by putting people back at the heart of their work
→ Reverse the trend by prioritizing information for the web

Implementation of Melody in the editorial staff of La Manche Libre

Melody was innovative, agile and simple. Despite the youth of the company and the solution, a climate of trust was established. This allowed a promising solution to evolve.

The deployment of Melody was done in three stages linked to the different notebooks. The local newspaper was the first to be produced in seven editions. The editions of the sports section and then the magazine completed the production process, which lasted six months.

The simplicity of the product presented during the user training sessions won over all the departments, facilitating the appropriation of Melody by everyone, including the 180 correspondents.

The last step of the project consisted in producing the entire editorial for the web. In order to meet the last objective, the teams worked on adapting Melody to produce the editorial in full web. At the end of this adaptation, Melody ensured the production of two titles, nine print editions and the web channels and their social networks attached.

They loved:

In the first two years of using Melody, the first two objectives have been met.

  • A time saving was observed for the production of the pages only a few months after the full production.
  • This saved time was transferred to the editorial department by reducing the time needed to complete the production process.