The melody solution will now include AI functionalities thanks to ContentSide's Semantic Platform solution

Artificial intelligence is gradually invading our daily lives, invading our personal and professional applications. melody has tried to integrate this reality by offering the best possible support for the journalist's work.

In a constantly evolving market, publishers, press groups and media outlets face a dual challenge: to disseminate and add value to the vast amount of information available in real time, while improving their publishing processes by better equipping journalists, web editors and contributors.

How can artificial intelligence, which is increasingly present in our daily lives, be put to good use in editorial work?

The idea is to use it judiciously, not to create content, but to assist the writer with time-consuming tasks such as ranking, assigning keywords, tags or categorizing articles in the editorial CMS or DAM.

On the face of it, the issues are fairly straightforward.

Our development teams worked closely with ContentSide to integrate the Semantic Platform tools seamlessly for users.

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ContentSide - Focus on the Semantic Platform

ContentSide, expertise and R&D

Contenside is first and foremost a team of content engineering experts with a passion for AI. They mainly work on strategic projects for customers whose business is strongly linked to content.

Suggest similar content

Semantic Platform performs a semantic analysis of all the articles to bring together those dealing with the same subject.

When a new article is created, an analysis of the editor's article database is performed to suggest appropriate articles. This feature saves the journalist a great deal of time, and enables the retrieval of older articles that might otherwise have been overlooked. The maximum archive search time can be set.


Keyword identification

The semantic platform automatically identifies the places, people and organizations mentioned in the text. It works by semantic analysis, without the need for authority lists, enabling new keywords to be discovered automatically. It can also use pre-established keyword lists. Other types of keywords can be detected as required.

Item classification

The semantic platform automatically classifies your articles according to the IPTC classification system.

This platform can be adapted for use with other classification systems. The semantic platform's classification error rate is lower than that of a human, with less than 5% error.


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