Demain Un Autre Jour becomes Melody, named after its content manager, a CMS accessible in SaaS at the service of information, designed for journalists.

Meeting with Bruno Génuit, its founder.


Demain Un Autre Jour becomes Melody, named after your content manager... What changes ?

It is an update, the right continuity of what was created and installed, in short. Our identity has evolved over the years, as have our projects and our ambition. We have about a hundred references in the regional weekly press, we are starting to work with daily press groups and we are, at the same time, tackling the international market... The North American market, in particular, with a 100% English version of Melody. Moreover, for our current clients, we have already identified Melody, our CMS, our content manager.


What are the principles of Melody and the findings from which this SaaS CMS was created ?

In 2012-2013, we began to develop a complete content management system for a regional weekly press group, Courrier Français. Its problems? Securing the production of print with a dozen editions in 10 departments and scattered local correspondents. They wanted a collaborative content management system that would allow them to position themselves on the web, which their readers were demanding. We already had a CMS layer, on the one hand, and a page-making layer, on the other. From the marriage of the two, Melody was born, in a pure SaaS solution, accessible only through the web tool. Its principles? A technological approach simplified to the maximum and a very accessible offer, in the form of a subscription.

"Melody, a pure SaaS solution

You say it often: Melody is a content management system that was designed for journalists... Why ?

Yes, we define ourselves as an editorial system dedicated to journalists. We don't cheat, we preach for automated formatting because most of the layouts, often very repetitive, allow it. In my opinion, print CMS have driven companies into the wall. We got trapped in the idea of the page, to the detriment of... content. But the lesson to be learned from digital is that, on the contrary, we need to take a step backwards and re-interest ourselves in content. And to those who produce it: the journalists.

So we designed Melody as a tool that fits perfectly into their environment and what they need to do: create content with related angles and media. With our system, they can, for example, juggle indifferently between versions of articles, enriched and angled for different media channels, print, web... And check the final forms, all while taking advantage of the mobility and agility of SaaS tools, since the journalist no longer needs to return to the editorial office to work on his content and formats. In short: prepare, enrich, control.


It is a way, through an editorial system, to put the information at the center of the concerns...

Exactly. We set out to create an editorial system because we have a passion for media and content. Informing is a passion, but it's not an option. And, with Melody, providing good information on all channels is no longer an option: we are at the service of approved information. This is fundamental, while social networks carry too much unverified and unverifiable information.

"It 's an intelligent content manager that is constantly learning "

If you had to summarize the qualities of your content manager in a few words ?

Melody is a collaborative tool, which allows journalists to see, natively and securely, the evolution of their content in real time and the update of their newspaper pages, in a completely secure infrastructure. It is an intelligent content manager, which learns continuously by absorbing and automating graphic charts. Melody perfectly tolerates APIs, various webservices: spell checker modules, keyword enrichment tools...

With Melody, the journalist is more present in the field. He initiates and even publishes his article directly on the spot. This saves time, resources, productivity... All this for a subscription whose entry ticket is very accessible. Finally, we are the only big player 100% French. All our resources are in France: we know our journalists, our local correspondents... We are the local player who knows how to speak the language of Molière!

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