What is SaaS?

A solution called SaaS (Software as a Service) is a cloud distribution model. In this model, a third-party provider hosts the applications and makes them available to its customers via the Internet.

The use of the solution allows entrepreneurs to have access to remote software and to be billed in the form of a subscription. The latter is an all-inclusive subscription, covering all services subscribed by the customer. Thus the user has access to the software without having to buy or install it. Everything is done online, through a browser.

In 10 years, the SaaS market has evolved considerably. At the beginning, few people were convinced by the benefits that this model could bring them. No one was sure that paying a subscription fee to access software would appeal to businesses.

From now on, this uncertainty has completely disappeared. At the same time, prices have dropped and the implementation is much easier.

The advantages of a SaaS solution

The SaaS software model has many advantages. Thus it allows :


✔️ Anytime availability of the information system, via a simple Internet connection.

✔️ E asy access on the go, from a PC or mobile device.

✔️ O pportunities for collaborative work, both within the company and with external partners (customers, suppliers, etc).

✔️ F ast and generally less expensive deployment than on-premises licensing. Companies no longer need to install and run applications on their own computers or data centers.

✔️ Controlled costs: the subscription (usually monthly, with the rate proportional to usage) eliminates the cost of hardware acquisition, along with the costs of procurement and maintenance, software licensing, installation and support. With this flexibility, companies can organize their budgets with greater precision and ease.

✔️ Another advantage is the high availability and adaptability of technical resources. Depending on his needs, the user can access more or less services and features on demand. Software as a Service is therefore tailored to the specific needs of each business.

SaaS is a resolutely service-oriented mode of IT consumption. It has become a lever of efficiency and performance for companies. That's why Melody offers its customers to benefit from all the business expertise of its software in SaaS mode.

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