For a press group, choosing a content manager means choosing the way its journalists will work. By putting content at the heart of its approach, Melody responds to the expectations of the moment... and to future challenges.

  • Melody, a CMS that moves to the place of the report

  • Content portability

  • Automate 90% of the model to save time

"The work tool should make possible, not create impossibilities."

When asked what a good content manager should be, Bruno Génuit, founder of Melody, puts simple words to a very concrete reality. For the journalist to be able to concentrate on his work in the field, his tools must allow him to do so... This is how Melody was conceived and designed: a CMS at the service of the journalist.

Agility, portability and connectivity: three key words for a CMS

Yes, but how? "The most important thing is agility." Does a reporter on a story, in the field, really need to be forced to go back to the office or connect to a VPN to start writing the story? "No, not with Melody. We believe that the system should move with the reporter." Still, the latter must have all the adequate resources to work in mobility... "That's the case," Bruno Génuit continues. "My CMS is first and foremost a content manager. It must provide access to my entire document base. The journalist doesn't start from scratch, he has all his information base with him. And he can do writing, video, sound, image." In short, "Melody's productivity means journalists are twice as much in the field."

"Time saved with the content manager is time saved for even more relevant content."

But that's not all. Because the content created must be able to match the angles of all media channels. "It's over saying you have to pick and choose between media," confirms Melody's founder. "I have to be able to create very elaborate page formats." Formats for the web, for print, for social media... Agility, again and again! Yes, but how? "By bringing, in particular, automation methods that will allow, within an elaborate graphic charter, to provide finished formats. In what we call the mock-up, for a print medium for example, we realize that the formats used are very often the same. What changes, mainly, is the balance between the text and the image. Based on this observation, we created an artificial intelligence capable of retrieving pages, recording and learning from what has already been done. This makes it possible to automate 90% of the pages. And save time!"

Time. In the age of hyperconnectivity, the 360-degree digital channel and social networks, it keeps accelerating. But a CMS like Melody allows us to catch up a little, far from the technologies of yesterday and the heavy and rigid systems of the early 2000s. In a word, Melody is all about movement. "And the ability to adapt, very quickly, to new needs and new challenges!" A system for today - and tomorrow!

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