Simplification, collective work, decision support: Melody is a CMS that makes editing easier. Focus on three of the many advantages of this content management system designed for journalists and their editors.

  • Melody, the CMS that simplifies and facilitates

"In editing, the human is preponderant. And the system becomes either a friend... or an enemy." For Bruno Génuit, founder of Melody, it's clear: editing can be a time-consuming task, so the CMS must simplify it as much as possible. The goal? That the journalist doesn't waste time; and that he can devote this freed-up time to the content itself. Thus, with this content manager, it becomes possible to write an article, to enrich it, to modify it, to quickly create different versions for different channels. " From a web version of my article, in one click I can make a print version", Bruno Génuit summarizes. Simple, agile and efficient.

  • A content manager at the service of the group

"Depending on one's role and access rights, one can view the progress of a paper, reread it, correct it, while preserving the integrity of each object, since the article is locked when a user modifies it," explains Didier Madelaine, project director. "And this is true no matter where you are." The only requirement is to have an Internet connection on your computer. Melody facilitates the work of the journalist at the origin of the content; but it also serves the editorial staff and its functioning as a whole.

  • A decision support tool

Relying on the heritage of everything that has been created on Melody to improve its articles: this is also the promise of this content manager. " The more content and history I have, the more AI and data analysis will be able to guide me towards a format rather than another, towards a precise temporality..." continues Bruno Génuit. "Even if we have to remember the obvious: the final decision lies with the user." The system does not decide for the journalist; it is like the signs on the road, it helps to choose the right direction.

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